Pet free cottages for those who have allergies

Every guest has different wishes when they go on holiday so we make sure we cater for all of them. We cater for our four legged friends but some guest require a pet free cottage so we’ve compiled a list of exactly those. Not all of our cottages are ideal for those who have allergies or perhaps you’d rather stay in a pet free self-catering cottage. Maybe you even have pets at home and want some time away from them to enjoy a little me time.

Whatever your reasons, we make sure your stay is exactly as you’d wish for. Our cleaning standards are extremely high so if you suffer terribly from an allergy to cats and dogs, even the slightest stray hair could still make an appearance and we wouldn’t want that to ruin your stay.

So, we’ve arranged the pet free cottages here to ensure your stay a relaxing, itch and sneeze free zone.

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