Top Beaches To Visit In Northumberland This Summer 2018

Published: Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018

Written by: The Grace Darling Holidays Team

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Those on the lookout for a peaceful and tranquil beachside location will do well to visit Northumberland. With breathtaking scenery, pristine beaches and clear waters, Northumberland is declared a Heritage Coastal area and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is rapidly growing into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the northeast of England.

In terms of accommodation, a popular choice to stay with visitors is self-catering Grace Darling Holidays cottages found across the area. These are ideal for a family - and are pet-friendly as well. Some of the best beaches to visit in Northumberland are as follows:

Bamburgh Beach: With fantastic views of Bamburgh Castle and Holy Island, Bamburgh beach is ideally suited for the sport of dune sledging. Getting to the beach is in itself an exciting experience - travelling through a variety of massive dunes! They are popular with dune-sledgers who make use of the steep drops for sledging down. The beach is magnificent and clean, perfect to spend a lovely afternoon with the family.

Beadnell Beach and Alnmouth: One of the most popular beaches for a variety of activities in the area is Beadnell beach. From water skiing to canoeing and kayaking, there are plenty of beach related sports and activities held in the area. There are also a number of shipwreck areas popular with deep sea divers who go down to the bottom of the ocean to explore the many wrecks off the coastline.

TIP: To get to Alnmouth beach, visitors need to walk or drive through a golf course. It is a lovely spot to enjoy a round of golf close to the scenic beachside area.  There is an estuary and some shops as well, so it is worth exploring the area.

Low Newton Beach: One of the lesser known secret beaches in Northumberland, Low Newton Beach, is located in the picturesque surroundings of Low Newton Village. Most of the area is managed and owned by the National Trust and is where you will find the popular Ship Inn, famous for its exceptional seafood dishes. Those seeking a concealed area to spend a quiet and restful afternoon can head out to Football Cove.

Seahouses Beach: One of the most popular family beaches in the area is Seahouses beach. One of the biggest benefits of this location is that it is located near a town, which makes it ideal to drop in to grab a bite to eat or use other facilities. Visitors can eat some delicious fish and chips while enjoying the scenic views of the area. Another option is to take a leisurely stroll all along the coast to Bamburgh and beyond and even enjoying a beach barbecue in the evening. There is a cove near the old ammunition depot, ideal for hosting a barbecue on the rocks in the area.

Cheswick Beach: This is among the largest of the beaches in this part of the county and has an amazing backdrop of sand dunes and rocks. It is a great place to spend time walking and exploring the area and its natural beauty.

The Grace Darling Holidays Team
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