Northumberland Attractions on a Rainy Day

Published: Monday 19th Feb 2018

Written by: The Grace Darling Holidays Team

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Northeast England offers a unique opportunity to experience the best the English countryside has to offer. From wonderful little towns to quaint villages, there are a lot of places to visit and explore with the family. Northumberland is one of the top attractions in this part of the country, which attracts hordes of visitors and tourists all through the year – whatever the season!

There is nothing quite as exciting as staying in the charming countryside in a cosy warm cottage, kitted out with the best of modern amenities. If you are in town on a cold rainy day some of the top indoor attractions to explore in the area as follows:   

Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens: A wonderful place to visit with the family, the castle has been around from the Middle Ages. Later on, an impressive Jacobean mansion was added to the castle and visitors are treated to a panoramic view from the top of the castle. Belsay Hall is managed by English Heritage and is renowned for its grand architecture, which is themed on the temples of ancient Greece. One of the most striking exhibits, its magnificent hall is located amidst a vast estate with gardens featuring beautiful flowers and plants.

Bamburgh Castle: One of the most striking rock castles in the country, Bamburgh Castle is located on a large basalt cliff and is the most prominent attraction in this part of the county. The area has been inhabited since the departure of the Romans, with its history dating back to 547. Exploring the castle and its surroundings is like travelling back in time. Check the castle website for visitor days and time when you plan a visit.

Chain Bridge Honey Farm: Situated in picturesque Berwick-upon-Tweed, the honey farm offers visitors a unique opportunity to see the bees up close and personal and learn about the process by which honey is produced. It is open for visits all through the year and is home to a vehicle museum and a bee museum along with a rather extraordinary cafe in a restored Routemaster.

Lindisfarne Castle: Located on Holy Island, Lindisfarne Castle is an imposing icon on a rocky cliff. It can only be accessed via a 3-mile causeway when the tide is out. Lindisfarne is possibly among the most photographed castles in the nation along with Dunstanburgh and Bamburgh Castles. Built as a Tudor fort, later in 1903 it was converted into a private residence for Edward Lutyens. There is a fascinating garden designed by Gertrude Jekyll visible from the ornately decorated rooms with large windows. Also worth seeing are a number of preserved lime kilns from the 19th century.

Tweeddale Museum and Gallery: The museum was founded by William Chambers in 1859, one of the founding fathers of the Chambers publishing empire in the country. The museum plays host to a plethora of events and exhibitions all through the year. The highlight is the Chambers’ Room, which is home to a stunning collection of friezes, commissioned by Chambers. There is also a permanent exhibition on the history of the area and its inhabitants.  

The Grace Darling Holidays Team
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