How to make a snow day a fun day

Published: Friday 13th Jan 2017

Written by: The Grace Darling Holidays Team

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With winter still upon us and snow imminent in the forecast, a lot of people are already preparing for the disruption and challenges a snow day presents.

But snow doesn’t have to be a daunting time. Snow days are great times to spend with the kids. Here are some snow day activity ideas that are filled with fun for all the family.

  • Declare a pyjama day

If you can’t get out, then why not be comfortable while you are snowed in? Don your comfiest pair of pyjamas and fuzzy slippers and relax for the day.

  • Light the fireplace

Nothing is cosier than setting down near a roaring fire, so keep the fire stoked all day and into the evening. You will enjoy the warmth and crackles while saving on your energy bill too/ roast marshmallows, chestnuts or even hot dogs over the fire for added fun. Watch children closely around an operating fireplace, and never leave a fire unattended. A few of the luxury cottages offered by Grace Darling Holidays have open log fires in them.

  • Cook comfort food

If you can, plan and stock your freezer early in the winter so you will have the ingredients for your favourite recipes ready to go. You will have time to make hearty winter dishes from scratch, like homemade bread and muffins, macaroni and cheese, chilli, soups and hotpots. If you didn’t have any time to get to the supermarket.

  • Read an old favourite book

If you can’t get out to buy some new reading material, go back and re-read a classic or two.

  • Enjoy a movie marathon

Why choose one movie when you can have time to watch several in a row? Choose different movies or a series to view from beginning to end. Spread blankets on the floor and have a pizza picnic while watching the movies.

  • Have a spa day

Pamper yourself with a manicure, pedicure, facial and hair treatments that you may not have time to fit into your regular routine. Soak in a hot bubble bath followed by towels that have been warmed in the drier. Click here for some inspiration on how to create a spa environment at home to include the kids.

  • Play games

What better way to spend a day inside? Get the whole family into one room and make it a memorable experience. A great way to bond with the family in the winter.

  • Make snow day a play day

With a little creativity, children can enjoy being snowed in too. Stock up on puzzles, books and art supplies to only be brought out on snow days. Have traditional breakfast and lunch menus reserved for snow days, and keep the ingredients on hand. Have the supplies and instructions ready for a special craft, such as coffee filter snowflakes. If you don’t have coffee filters, try the same thing with cupcake cases, or simply some plain paper. If it is possible and safe, wrap up warm and go outside to play in the snow and burn off some steam having a snowball fight or building a snowman. Warm up inside with a special snack of hot chocolate and cookies.

  • Take a nap

Turn on some soft music, tuck in with a warm blanket or throw, and catch up on some rest. With the snow falling outside and the warm comfort of your home inside, it’s a great time for a snooze.

The Grace Darling Holidays Team
The Grace Darling Holidays Team


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