Further tales from Northumberland: Preserving the Country's Heritage

Published: Wednesday 16th Mar 2016

Written by: The Grace Darling Holidays Team

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Keeping our cultural heritage alive is the key to maintaining history, and that was the theme of week three of TV series Further Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green.
As a county with a proud seafaring heritage, it was only right this week’s first stop took Robson to the coast, as he headed to meet those involved in the Blyth Tall Ship Project.

The project has been founded to honour the unsung hero Captain William Smith, who 200 years ago discovered the first land in Antarctica, now called the Southern Shetland Islands.
Locals are now working together to restore and refit a similar heritage vessel before recreating Captain Williams’ journey.
And far from this being a project purely focused on history, it’s very much about helping those in the modern day too, with young people – many unemployed or lacking in qualifications – getting the chance to work on such an ambitious venture.

Find out more about Blyth Tall Ship Project: http://www.blythtallship.co.uk/
From there, Robson moved on to Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, where he heard to the story of how the local volunteers at Newbiggin RNLI put their own lives on the line to come to the aid of stricken sailors.

On the show it was the women shorehelpers who got a special mention for their efforts back in 1940 for assisting those on the stranded ship Eminent, hauling a lifeboat one-and-a-half miles over moorland so it could be launched from a safer shore.

And it’s proud stories from the past like these that have become the as part of the Haalin’ the Lines project in Northumberland, an initiative to celebrate the fishing and mining communities of Northumberland by turning stories from the past into song.

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After visiting those involved, it was time for Robson to warm up his vocal chords and join in with the sing-song! Catch up on the ITV Hub now if you missed his performance. http://www.itv.com/hub/itv

Robson’s final stop on this week’s journey was to Druridge Bay to meet Stephen Lunn, known locally as the Anvil Man, one of the region’s last traditional blacksmiths, whose love of Northumberland’s coast inspires his art.

Stephen’s work is so highly regarded he has even had commissions from the Duchess of Northumberland to create an intricate gate design for the rose garden at Alnwick Castle – and our Robson got the honour of being a part of his latest artistic design: creating a mussel and rope sculpture out of steel.

Learn more about Stephen and his work from http://www.anvilman.co.uk/.

From shipbuilding, to storytelling, song and art, it’s clear to see Northumberland is awash with proud locals who are very much doing their bit to pay homage to the past and keep the country’s heritage alive.

Next time on Further Tales from Northumberland, Robson is crossing the border between England and Scotland, visiting Northumberland’s oldest honey farm, and learning the story behind the great Border Terrier.
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