Exploring Northumberland on Your Motorbike

Published: Friday 14th Aug 2015

Written by: The Grace Darling Holidays Team

For those who love great open roads which are ideal for motorbiking, you can’t go wrong in Northumberland.  Not only is there a great wealth of things to see and do, such as the stunning and dramatic coastline but the roads are some of the best in the UK for bikers.  What more could you need?

The location of Northumberland means that you could combine a tour here with a trip through the nearby Scottish Border and Cumbria, perhaps taking a detour and riding alongside the infamous Hadrian’s Wall or alternatively you could just focus your time on exploring the county and the different attractions and experiences it alone has to offer.  From historical attractions to picturesque countryside and forest, you could spend days just exploring Northumberland alone.


Where to Go?

The road is completely open to you when in Northumberland; there are plenty of route suggestions to be found online and many of the roads are ideal for motorbike tours so where you go really depends on what you want to do whilst visiting Northumberland.  A good place to start would be to consider what you want to get from your trip and plan your route around that accordingly.  There are also a number of forums where you can ask locals for advice on roads to avoid and places to go; this can be really helpful if you aren’t familiar with this part of the UK.  Great roads which could act as a starting point include Kielder Forest and the A697.

When it comes to eating out, there are lots of independent cafes and restaurants dotted around the county as well which would be the ideal place to park up and enjoy meals whilst out and about.  It depends on how organised you wish to be ahead of time; you could look up places to take a pitstop or just see where the road leads you.  The good thing about being in the UK is that you speak the language and can always stop and ask a local if you get stuck!


Where to Stay?

There are lots of motorbike friendly accommodation options in Northumberland; you could stay somewhere different each night or find yourself a base such as one of the Grace Darling cottages and go out biking each day.  This would be a good option if you didn’t want to have to carry your luggage round with you and wanted somewhere you can retire at the end of a long day biking to put your feet up and relax for a couple of hours.  It also means that if the weather isn’t ideal you don’t need to go out biking if you don’t fancy it.


Other things to consider

If you plan on doing a lot of biking then you should get your bike serviced before your trip.  Consider that it isn’t just the riding you will be doing whilst in Northumberland but travelling to and from the county as well.  Although you should be able to take your bike to a local shop if you got into trouble, it would obviously put a dampener on your trip.

The Grace Darling Holidays Team
The Grace Darling Holidays Team


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