Explore the beauty of Northumberland in Spring

Published: Monday 19th Feb 2018

Written by: The Grace Darling Holidays Team

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For those looking to escape the crowds and noise of London, there are plenty of wonderful weekend getaways and locations around the British countryside. One of the areas becoming increasingly popular with city dwellers is Northumberland.

Its incredible natural beauty combined with a host of wonderful activities makes it the ideal spot to take a city break or spend a short holiday.

One of the best ways to enjoy a well deserved holiday is to book a comfy Northumberland cottage for the family. Many of these are pet-friendly with all the comforts you have back at home.  Some of the activities you can enjoy here with the family in springtime in Northumberland are as follows:  

Enjoy the incredible natural beauty: If you want to see the most beautiful rhododendrons in full bloom this spring, a visit to Cragside House, a quaint Victorian-era country house, is not to be missed. The house with its magnificent estate looks awesome in spring when the entire place is lit up with the most beautiful of colours. A former residence of Lord Armstrong, there is always something fascinating to explore on your visit.

Take a tour of a castle: Northumberland is a county that is home to the maximum number of castles in the country. Spring season is when the castles are open for visitors to explore and are the most prominent attractions in the area. From Bamburgh Castle to Alnwick Castle, there are a lot of historical places to visit. For those who want to explore something off the beaten path to the north of Northumberland, there is Chillingham Castle. The place is rumoured to be haunted! For the less adventurous there is always the option to hop aboard the Heatherslaw Light Rail and travel to Etal Castle to spend an afternoon discovering its hidden secrets.

Explore the famous Bounds: One of the most historic events in the area (that has been a tradition for well over six centuries) takes place in Berwick on the 1st of May. An annual event called the ‘Riding of the Bounds’ - it commemorates the creation and recognition of the boundaries of land between the border and the River Tweed. Riders follow the trail of the bounds on horseback and involve plenty of festivities and events all across the area.

Watch celestial wonders: The area of Northumberland is declared as having the biggest Dark Sky Park on the European continent. That makes it possible to see the beauty of the night sky quite unlike anywhere else. Enjoy the pleasure of stargazing into the celestial world, with the spectacular sight of the Milky Way from the area near the National Park. Springtime is one of the best times of the year to enjoy the beauty of the skies up above and far beyond. Further information about the activity can be gleaned at the Northumberland Park website.  

The Grace Darling Holidays Team
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