Experience Northumberland’s natural beauty in Spring

Published: Monday 19th Feb 2018

Written by: The Grace Darling Holidays Team

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For those who enjoy the beauty of nature, the English countryside is the perfect place to spend a relaxed holiday with the family. The countryside also makes for an idyllic getaway from the noise and crowds of the city, with Northumberland especially offering a wealth of amazing places to explore.

Nature lovers will thoroughly enjoy a trip to Northumberland because it is famous for its diverse landscape and abundance of flora and fauna. From heather-clad hillsides to large moorlands, vast beaches and rocky cliffs, there is an abundance of places to experience the incredible beauty of nature.

To make your stay more enjoyable in Northumberland, select any of its fine luxury cottages that come with a host of modern amenities to enjoy a comfortable stay. Once settled in, it would make an ideal base to set out to explore the amazing countryside in the spring season.

Gardens: Horticultural lovers will take particular delight in visiting the world famous Alnwick Garden. The gardens are home to one of the biggest treehouses on the continent and a unique garden of poisonous plants.

Another fabulous place to visit is Cragside House, with its famous gardens located close to Rothbury. The estate is the former home of Lord Armstrong and was the first residence to have hydroelectric power. Lord Armstrong affected a spectacular change to the area by transforming it into a fabulous wooded estate with miles of cycle trails and footpaths. There is the magnificent Howick Gardens and Arboretum polled as one of the finest coastal gardens in the nation. It also was the former residence of a British PM Lord Earl Grey, after whom a brand of tea is named.

Near the Cambo area is Wallington House and estate, home to lush parkland, a stunning lake and a wooded valley. The house hosts a wonderful collection of classical art and doll houses. Also on exhibit is some of the artwork from the Wallington Collection.

Countryside: There is no getaway more perfect than the countryside in Northumberland! The county was described by the Campaign for Rural England as having the most serene spots to visit in the UK. There are loads of town and villages that are isolated for miles from each other, all of which are linked by meandering roads that take visitors across the most amazing scenic vistas. The county is so vast and isolated that you can walk miles without coming across another person. With a national park as home to a number of rare species of wildlife and two areas designated as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the countryside of Northumberland is truly enchanting!

The coastline: With imposing castles in the background, panoramic vistas and pristine sandy beaches, the coastline of Northumberland are fantastic to explore. Visitors who explore the coastline get to view some of the most beautiful scenery in this part of the country. There is a diverse array of wildlife in the area with thousands of species of water birds and other avian species, which make it a delight for birdwatchers.

The Grace Darling Holidays Team
The Grace Darling Holidays Team


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