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Published: Tuesday 4th Jul 2017

Written by: The Grace Darling Holidays Team


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Some people go on holiday to relax on sandy beaches and to have their worries washed away by the sea, while others go on holiday to explore and seek adventure.

Northumberland is a place that caters for both sets of holidaymakers because, not only does it have a beautiful selection of beaches, but it also has a wealth of history to take in and an expanse of countryside to explore.

It really ticks all of the boxes so,whether you want a lazy beach break, a mountain trek or historical exploration, Northumberland is the place to go.

A Trip to Hadrian’s Wall

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It is amazing to think that a wall has become incredibly famous and it has been dubbed a UNESCO World

Heritage site because it is an important part of British history. It cuts right through Britain, from the Irish Sea at one end to the North Sea on the other, covering a staggering 74 miles in total.

What makes this wall so amazing is that it was built in the Roman times, 122 AD to be exact, and it is still standing strong today, attracting thousands of people from all over the world every year.

If you’re up for a challenge, there are many companies in the vicinity that offer walking tours of the wall from start to finish, all 74 miles of it, over the course of a few days or, if you just want to admire the workmanship, there are shorter tours available.

Visit Alnwick Castle

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Built in the late 11th century, Alnwick Castle is definitely one for the history buffs because it has a really fascinating history.

Alnwick Castle has become a very popular tourist destination in more recent years due to its being the main inspiration for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movie franchise. It was the residence of the Duke of Northumberland for over several centuries; it was also a major part of the War of the Roses due to it being one of the castles that the Lancastrians tried to retain and it is also known as the home of Thomas Percy, a major conspirator of Gunpowder Plot.

Alnwick Castle can be found near the holiday cottages of and is now open to the public. The towers, the historical kitchen, the beautiful state rooms, stables and gatehouse welcome visitors every summer but undoubtedly, one of the best parts of Alnwick Castle is its gardens which are possibly the most famous part of the whole site.

Alnwick Gardens are famous for winning the accolade of being quite possibly the most breathtaking contemporary gardens in the whole of Great Britain. It is one of Northumberland’s top tourist attractions and is always listed in the top 5 places to visit in the county. There are a wide range of places to visit within the garden; the water features are exquisite, the Bamboo Labyrinth and the treehouse delights the older and younger generation alike while the poison garden is a constant source of intrigue for all. It is most definitely worth exploring.

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