5 Tips For Packing To Go To Northumberland

Published: Tuesday 19th Jun 2018

Written by: The Grace Darling Holidays Team

If you are planning a trip to Northumberland, you may be concerned over what to pack. Weather can be changeable, and there are so many activities to do that you will need to be well equipped. Here are our top 5 tips:

#1 – Check the weather before you go

Northumberland is great at all times of year, so whether you are going in December or in August, you will want to have all the essentials covered. Check the average weather conditions for the season you are travelling in, but try and pack a few items extra ‘just in case.’ It is worth checking the weather a couple of days before, so you can get the best forecast possible and can pack accordingly.

#2 – Get a decent pair of wellies

Northumberland has some fantastic walking destinations, so wellies or comfortable walking shoes are important. Whether you are into long distance hill walks with the family or romantic moorland trails, Northumberland National Park has more than 600 miles of marked footpaths and bridleways for you to enjoy. If it has been raining, you will definitely want your wellies!

#3 – Pack a mac

Northumberland, like much of the UK, has changeable weather conditions. One day it might be raining, and the next it could be extra warm for the season. So, say you are travelling in August. Pack shorts, t-shirts and longer trousers in case it does get cooler. Hoodies and jackets are ideal, but also pack a mac in case it starts raining. A mac is the perfect jacket because it folds easily away and doesn’t take up too much space, but protects you if there is a downpour.

#4 – Remember a few nice pieces for evenings out

Northumberland has some great restaurants and bars. So, if you do like fine dining or an evening out, then make sure you have the right outfit packed in your bag! Hardens has some great reviews on restaurants if you want to book in advance.

#5 – Throw in a swimming costume

While in Northumberland, why not stay in a luxury cottage with a hot tub or pool.  Grace Darling Cottages, for instance, are fully equipped and some have hot tubs and pools. You will want to pack a swimming costume to enjoy your pool or hot tub, however long you plan on staying.

Whatever you decide to pack for your next trip to Northumberland, enjoy your travels and remember to take lots of pictures!

The Grace Darling Holidays Team
The Grace Darling Holidays Team


Your team of holiday experts in Northumberland.


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