3 Tips For Packing A Young Family

Published: Monday 23rd Jul 2018

Written by: The Grace Darling Holidays Team

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You’ve booked your Grace Darling holiday, you’re keeping your fingers crossed for good weather, and you’ve roped in your neighbour to feed the cat/ goldfish/ class hamster you are thrilled to have over the summer.

So all that’s left is the packing... No need for your heart to sink – with these 3 simple tips, take the stress out of holiday organisation:

1. Preparation: It really is all in the preparation. A week before the holiday, stick a large piece of paper to your fridge or somewhere central. Divide it up into Morning, Afternoon, Evening and emergencies (write First Aid kit, Calpol and medication straight on). As you’re going through your day, note down what you couldn’t do without. For example, at breakfast, it’s that special scoop bib which collects any stray spoonfuls of cereal that miss the mouth, or the cow print cup your child couldn’t possibly drink milk without. Pay attention to your routine as your go through the day, adding to the list as you go. This means you won’t miss out on those life-saving essentials that make things easier and simpler for parent or child. Even if you can’t put them into a suitcase until the night before or the morning you leave, at least you will have a comprehensive list made when you’re calm, not rushing out the door ¾ hour later than planned (we’ve all been there)!

2. Planning: A few weeks before the holiday comes, spend a little time online checking out the local tourist hotspots, areas or activities to make sure get the most out of Northumberland and your time away. This will mean you have a rough idea of how you’ll spend your days, making choosing clothing and equipment easier, and saves any last minute decisions or driving around for inspiration. Check out the weather forecast a few days before you go too, to give you more idea of which clothes to pack, whether you’ll need to prioritise indoor activities or bring the wellies.

3. Get the kids involved: Unless you’ve got very young ones, even tiny toddlers will love packing a bag of toys! Give them their own special bag and talk to them about which toys or books they might like to choose to play with during the day or what they’ll need for bedtime, perhaps carefully avoiding those with lots of small pieces to lose! Crayons, sticker books and paper, or chunky blocks like Megablocks are vital to take with you when eating out, to keep the kids amused and ensure a stress free dining experience, pack these in a separate ‘eating-out pack’ to ensure it’s ready to grab when you are.

And enjoy your holiday – try not to worry too much about sticking to a routine. Routines go out the window when you are on holiday! Take lots of pictures and have a great time.

The Grace Darling Holidays Team
The Grace Darling Holidays Team


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